Ivy: a True Oldie but Goodie

Ivy was the ultimate family dog if there ever was one. Kind of a “nana,” who was used to keeping an eye on things.

Over her 11 years, the brown and white Staffordshire terrier had watched the kids grow up and welcomed a bird and cat into the family. She was patient and gentle with everyone, especially youngsters, no matter how they played with her ears or grabbed her tail.

She was used to being a caretaker. But now as she sat in the lobby saying goodbye to everything she’d ever known, she needed someone to take on that role for her. She needed someone to give her a hand.

The CHS Pet Wellness and Adoption Center in Newington was ready to do that for Ivy, thanks to the support of generous donors who believe in second chances. The senior had some medical issues—arthritis, a skin allergy and occasional limping from a torn and repaired knee when she was younger—but none of that should stop her from enjoying her golden years with a new family.

She was losing her home because her people moved into a new place, and Ivy, peaceful as she was, weighed twice the landlord’s limit for pets. Ivy wanted to believe she’d find love again, and ached for relief from her sore joints and, even more so, her bruised heart.

CHS staff and volunteers with enthusiastic greetings and open arms boosted Ivy’s spirits as they offered her time in the sun for walks and escorted her to the medical department. She traded slobbery kisses for some one-on-one playtime, though she was content to just sit quietly and enjoy the companionship of her new human caregivers—after all, she felt slower and a little fragile in her old age.

Ivy had already won over the hearts of staff and volunteers when she gave them quite the scare: She suddenly had trouble breathing and standing up one afternoon and showed no interest in food. Ivy had masked her illness from everyone but CHS veterinarians, who diagnosed her with pneumonia.

Defeating a stubborn cough and crackles in her lungs, Ivy pulled through after a few weeks. And her aches and pains from arthritis finally lessened with help of special supplements. She was feeling like her younger self again, pulling on her leash as she made her way around CHS each day. It was as if she was searching around every corner for her new love.

One afternoon, her search led to an adopter who appreciated that Ivy was a calm senior dog who still had spurts of energy for playtime and walks. Ivy headed home that day. She’d found exactly what she was looking for, as did everyone at CHS who cared for her—a kind heart, a warm embrace and companionship for her golden years.

Ivy: a True Oldie but Goodie

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