From Broken to Bold and Beautiful

These days, Adele knows to appreciate the little things in life: being able to walk around, to groom herself, to play without pain.

That’s because while she was still a baby, this gorgeous long-hair cat had already seen how tough life could be. Adele was just six months old when a Good Samaritan found her living outside and trying with all her might to hobble around on a broken hind leg (she was a strong-willed little thing, for sure).

The passerby saw she clearly needed a hand and brought her right to the Connecticut Humane Society in Waterford. No one knew what sort of trauma the kitten suffered in her past, but everyone would make sure a happy and pain-free future awaited her.

Staff transported her to the veterinary department at the Newington Pet Wellness and Adoption Center, and the medical team confirmed a fracture in her hind leg that required surgery with an outside specialist. A CHS veterinarian assisted the specialist with Adele’s surgery a few days later, taking the opportunity to learn more about the special procedure, having just studied it in a continuing education training.

In addition to lots of rest, Adele was prescribed passive range of motion physical therapy in a bicycling movement, with help from her human pals. And then there was the e-collar she had to wear—but for Adele, it was less a “cone of shame” and more of a badge of honor showing how much of a survivor she was, even as a kitten.

Around five days post-op, Adele’s attitude was, “Surgery? What surgery? I’m ready to jump!” as she eyed furniture to pounce on during exams. This spirited girl was ready to spend some recovery time in a foster home and burn off that kitten energy while she healed fully—with very close supervision, of course. Check out this video of Adele getting around one week after surgery.

Her independent streak came out in full force in her foster home, now that she felt better; mousie toys didn’t stand a chance around her! Walking, stretching and playing started becoming easy again—how she’d missed doing all that!

Follow-up x-rays and visits to CHS’ medical team showed she was healing nicely. After a few weeks in foster care, Adele returned to the adoption center ready to jump into her future family’s arms.

And a day after she was made available, her new people arrived. Her worst and loneliest days on the streets were long behind her, and the best ones were just beginning.

From Broken to Bold and Beautiful

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