Young-at-Heart Sunshine Starts Over

Call her mature. Call her wise. Call her experienced. Just don’t call Sunshine old. Because this 12-years-young pup wasn’t ready to settle in as a senior when she found herself at the Connecticut Humane Society.

Her family had packed up and was moving. Their things went to the new home, and hers went to CHS. Dogs weren’t allowed where her loved ones would now be living. But, thanks to generous supporters, CHS had a place for her and her box of toys, balls, blankets, treats and food when she needed it most.

She still had a lot of life to live and love to give, and so began her journey toward a fresh start with a new family.

Sunshine felt her age in her limbs—all four were severely arthritic—but she had the smile of a youngster and wasn’t ready to give up “puppy” activities just yet. She liked to play ball and make friends with other dogs. When her joints were having a good day, she put walks at the top of her to-do list. And she just loved spending time outside on a nice afternoon. (Someone sure gave her the right name as a pup!)

When CHS veterinarians examined Sunshine, they found some bumps on her body here and there, as well as some ear issues. But the main concern was arthritis. She would lay down a little funny because of it and was quiet when it was really bothering her.

Medication and joint supplements for the aches and pains worked well though, and soon, she was having more “good days” than bad, with time in the playpen (mostly sniffing and slowly exploring) and walks outside. Getting up from bed was still an occasional challenge, but once she was up, she’d trot along on the grass no problem. Sunshine would likely have to stay on the medication for life, and losing a few pounds would lessen the burden on her joints, too.

She went to a CHS foster home to spend time in a comfy, quiet environment while slimming down a bit on a special diet (where “treats” became apples, carrots and green beans). But her new foster parents knew pretty quickly she wasn’t going anywhere.

They soon made her adoption official and say Sunshine has found a hobby in patrolling their yard for squirrels, chipmunks and geese, and loves dropping toys (no matter how slimy) in the laps of her new family members at playtime. Other than that, “she’s either smilin’ or snoozin’,” writes her mom, who calls her their “85-pound love bug.”



Young-at-Heart Sunshine Starts Over

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