Tank Bulldozes His Way Into Hearts

He was strong and sturdy, a big boy weighing in at more than 65 pounds. A delicate, light-on-his feet pooch, he was not. Is it any wonder his name was Tank?

But while this Staffordshire bull terrier’s macho appearance matched his moniker, his personality was quite the opposite: He was a total softie who loved each human he met and greeted everyone with his trademark goofy grin. Oh, and a waddle—Tank was short and stout, which gave him a special walk.

So when the 5-year-old arrived at the Connecticut Humane Society after his family faced some personal struggles, he made friends quickly. But staff knew they’d need to guarantee this hefty guy plenty of playtime and exercise to get down to a healthy weight and because Tank loved to be busy.

He soon earned an “A+” as a star student of the dog training program with the Waterford Pet Wellness and Adoption Center’s behavior department. He was eager to please and smart. Tank checked off his list of lessons with ease: look, sit, stay, down, come and leave it. “What else ya got?” he seemed to ask the trainer, peering up with pride and anticipation for the next trick he was about to master.

Next up was “hand targeting,” which involved Tank touching his nose to the trainer’s palm. And then there was the A-frame in the playpen, Tank’s favorite way to spend an afternoon at CHS. He’d run up the incline on one side and continue speeding down on the other side, smile on his face, tongue hanging out of his mouth.

He began collecting quite a few fans, between staff and volunteers, as his stay grew longer. He’d finished up in the veterinary department after getting treated for tummy trouble and an upper respiratory infection, but a perfect adoptive family was proving elusive.

Staff and volunteers boosted his spirits—and he, theirs—every day as he continued waiting. Was it his bully breed that caused potential adopters to consider other pups? Or just that the right match hadn’t come along?

But one afternoon, over two months after Tank first arrived, a family who was visiting CHS saw firsthand what a smart and happy love bug he was and decided to make him one of their own. People thought his smile was big before—but on that day, he got a gigantic grin a pup only gets from going home.

Tank Bulldozes His Way Into Hearts

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