Cowy: Found, Saved

Cowy needed a lot of things. Food, a blanket, medical care, someone to say, “I love you.” But first, he needed to be found.

There he was, a bit over a month old, alone outside, his right eye infected and protruding. He was waiting for somebody, anybody, to spot him and get him the veterinary treatment he needed. Things were tough enough as a little orphan, but when you don’t have your full vision on top of it? You need saving, stat.

Thankfully, a Good Samaritan noticed the black-and-white kitten in her backyard and brought him to CHS’ Pet Wellness and Adoption Center in Newington. There, he found a safe haven, thanks to CHS supporters, who’ve been there for pets in need, time and time again.

Cowy’s eye was in bad shape and his “better” eye had scarring, likely from a previous upper respiratory infection. But he was strong. In fact, he was downright feisty during his initial exam with CHS’ medical team, wiggling in their arms and letting out tiny hisses! 

Veterinarians started him on medicine right away to keep him comfortable, and determined the bulging eye would need to be removed in a few weeks when he got bigger. As Cowy started to feel better, he became playful, channeling that feistiness into battles with jingle balls and feather wands. He’d flip around like a miniature gymnast, full of kitten energy and forgetting about his eye troubles.

When he was big enough, the medical team surgically removed his eye and neutered him. Just a day later, it was back to his favorite thing: toys.

He’d come a long way and transformed right before everyone’s eyes into the fun, lively kitten he was meant to be. A couple of weeks later, he had healed up and was ready for the adoption floor.

A past CHS adopter soon fell in love with his big personality and couldn’t wait to let it shine even brighter in her home. Cowy was excited for his new beginning and knew just what he wanted to do when he got to his new home: have playtime with mom!

Cowy: Found, Saved

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