A Whole New World for Chino

For nearly five years, Chino’s world was small and simple: a crate, sometimes with a blanket and most times without, inside a basement. And on a good day, some grass outside for a bathroom break.

The terrier mix had no idea of all that lay just outside the walls of that room. His owner wasn’t able to care for the strong, energetic pup, and so Chino spent his days by himself. He thought that’s how life was. Loneliness and boredom—that’s all he knew.

Luckily, Chino soon found himself at the Connecticut Humane Society, wondering about all the new sights and smells surrounding him and pulling hard on his leash to beg for affection from every person he saw.

He was starved for love and in dire need of medical attention. His feet and toes were deformed from growing up in a crate, and his paws were blotchy with red spots and sores because he had chewed them to pass the time. He hadn’t seen a veterinarian since he was a puppy.

Heroes like you made it possible for Chino to receive medical treatment for his tender toes and paws and begin learning what being a dog was all about. Click here to make a gift and be a superhero for more pets like him. 

Chino finally had the chance to fetch tennis balls, feel fresh from a bath, and walk outside on a leash. But he was simply overjoyed at the chance to be with people, licking staff members as they dried him off in the tub and always coming back to sit next to new human friends after running around in the CHS playpen.

A little over a month later, brown and white fur returned to Chino’s paws, and his sores were healed. He’d also accrued quite the fan base at CHS, where staff and volunteers admired his peppy personality. He deserved so much more than life in a crate and was ready for his fresh start.

And, boy, did he get one. A potential adopter soon came looking for a copilot in life and on a cross-country road trip, who would enjoy lots of outdoor excursions and playtime. Chino was the perfect match for her, and even jumped right into her car as they left CHS, claiming the passenger seat as his own with a gigantic grin that said, “Time to hit the road, Mom!”

Thanks to generous supporters, Chino now knows how fresh air smells on a hike, what it’s like to have your own doggy bed, and how it feels to be loved by your favorite person. He went from seeing nothing, to seeing everything.






A Whole New World for Chino

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