Ghost Gets His Smile Back

Ghost had a face to remember, alright. The wrinkles, the under bite, the giant tongue that just couldn’t seem to stay in his mouth--one glance at him, and you just had to smile.

But the bulldog had lost his own goofy grin. He was only 2 years old, but his short life already knew too much pain. Ghost was heartbroken that his person and best friend in the whole world passed away, and he had the wind knocked out of him when illness overtook his body.

He’d come to the Connecticut Humane Society to heal and find a fresh start.

Ghost quickly became a fixture in the medical department. The wrinkly folds in his face were irritated, and when his breathing grew labored and his lungs started crackling, x-rays revealed he had pneumonia. Then one day when simply moving around became a struggle, test results showed he had Lyme disease, too. But an upset stomach made it hard to keep medicine down.

Those sad, droopy eyes were begging for relief, and the heartache he felt made everything worse. No one was giving up on this sweet pup. It would take a lot to get him feeling like himself again, but the medical team was ready for the challenge.

This is just a small sampling of what it took: x-rays, special food to help his stomach, nebulizer treatments (medicated steam for Ghost to breathe in), coupage (tapping his chest with a cupped hand to loosen all the gunk in his lungs), medicine, daily check-ups, wipes and a special solution for the folds on his face, lots of monitoring, endless encouragement, and hugs.

Ghost started feeling happier and excited to get out of bed. Soon, he was playing without coughing or trouble breathing. What a relief to see him wiggling around on the scale and examining table, refusing to sit still.

Ghost had come so far, but one more step remained: finding a new home. It didn’t take long once he arrived on the adoption floor. Now Ghost has new family members who couldn’t imagine their lives without him. The loneliness he once felt is gone, and, finally, that ear-to-ear smile is back.

Ghost Gets His Smile Back

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