New Year, New Home for Otis

The year was 2003, back before cell phones were everywhere, before the entire Harry Potter series had been published, and when people were still “Finding Nemo.” And it’s when a gray kitten named Otis was born.

Way back then, little Otis found a home as a youngster and matured into a handsome, loving cat. He grew up in that home, even became a senior there.

Fast forward 14 years later to the end of 2017, and things had changed. Otis had been having tummy trouble for a while. His person worried about how sick he might be and whether he could give him the veterinary care he needed.

And so Otis arrived at the Connecticut Humane Society where he could get all the medical treatment it would take to help him feel better, whether that took a few weeks or even months. He was gentle and sweet, if a little nervous, as the medical team examined him.

Staff veterinarians ran tests, prescribed medicine to help settle his stomach, kept a close eye on his weight, and gave him food specially made for digestive issues. They also saw he’d need quite a bit of dental work and had a history of lesions and scabs on his skin.

The food and TLC seemed to agree with him—his stomach felt better and he purred through follow-up exams. Otis proved to be quite the talker, too, always asking for some nice pets on the head and when he would find his new person.

After a few months of care in the medical department, Otis was ready to find the retirement home of his dreams. Around the same time, a cat fan named Andrew came to CHS looking for a companion to his kitty Pumba. Otis’ senior citizen status was all the more positive, in Andrew’s book.

“I wanted Otis since he was older and my cat Pumba was shy. I was hoping an older cat would be more relaxed, and he is,” Andrew said. “I decided to adopt Otis since he was super nice and snuggly. I wasn’t concerned about his age really, but just worried about his dietary needs mixed with my slightly overweight Pumba.”

Andrew adopted Otis that day, and Otis seemed to know he was home for good. And after about a week or two, Pumba realized he had a new friend—he didn’t follow Dad around meowing anymore and decided he loved laying near Otis at naptime.

Otis is still a chatterbox and has enjoyed discovering every blanket and pillow in his new home.

“Otis now sleeps at my legs (where Pumba used to sleep). Pumba, out of jealousy, has now moved up to sleeping on my hip or stomach,” Andrew says. “So I am nice and warm every night!”

New Year, New Home for Otis

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