My Furry Valentine

Flowers? Nah. Candy? Definitely not. Gifts? Maybe…if they’re squeak toys or fun to chew on. Pets don’t ask for much on Valentine’s Day except to know they’re wanted and loved—especially homeless pets in need. And when they finally find their new homes, they get their own “tails of true love,” like these love stories featuring Connecticut Humane Society adopted pets and their families.




"I adopted Cooper in 2013 from the Quaker Hill location. (Back then, he was known as Chappy). Since then, he's become my very best friend. He loves to run around the backyard and to cuddle with anyone who will let him. Also, I used to work with individuals who have developmental disabilities, and decided to bring Cooper with me to work one day. One of my clients fell in love with him! He definitely became a support dog for her, and even though I don't work with that agency anymore, that client still texts me to check up on Cooper. He not only has had such a positive impact on my life, but on everyone who has had the pleasure of meeting him. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to love such an amazing boy!"





“We just had to let you know that this little guy has changed our lives. Eddie is such an incredible love, such a well-behaved little boy, and such a good little brother to Sammy, our rescue cat (who outweighs Eddie by three pounds). And because I'm fortunate enough to work from home, both of them spend the day with me in my office. It's so joyfully, comfortingly peaceful. Thank you, again and always, for helping Eddie find us.”



Felicity and Ferdinand

“They're such happy and loving cats! Ferdinand has made his stamp as the house explorer, and Felicity steps in as the detective and lets us know if anything has moved (turns out she's incredibly observant and notices everything)! They have made all the difference in our lives. Thank you for bringing them into our lives.”




“I had gone to the Connecticut Humane Society for my birthday because I figured the best present I could give myself was a rescue pup. So I went with one of my brothers. He immediately went to Groot (his name was Dahbi at that time) and told me to come look at him. I walked right over to that big-headed baby and put the back of my hand up to the cage for him to sniff it, and he immediately licked my hand. This dog has brought so much joy to my family, the team I coach, and all of my friends. He calms my anxiety and is such a good advocate for the breed and proper training. I’m so proud to tell people he is adopted from CT Humane.”



Loki and Jarvis

"I adopted Jarvis (formerly known as Lenny) a year before adopting Loki (formerly Fester). They really do love each other. I'm so lucky!"




"We chose Jax because we wanted a puppy, and his playful antics and inquisitive personality melted our hearts. We love Jax’s energetic spirit and his love of adventures with his family. We also love that he is a big cuddlebug and always there to warm our spirits. Jax loves being outside, going for long walks, and peanut butter-filled Kongs, and will never say no to a ball! He even visits CHS to bring donations to pups still waiting for their forever homes!”



Lu the Landshark

“We saw Lunchbox (formerly Taz) at the Waterford location in July 2017. When we took him outside to meet, all he wanted to do was give us kisses and get pet. He had such a kind and lovable demeanor. We knew right away he was the one for us. Our favorite thing about Lu is his silly, goofy personality. In case you couldn’t guess…Lu’s favorite thing in the entire world, apart from chasing squirrels and belly rubs, is food! We are so lucky to be able to share our home with such an amazing companion. He has brought so much joy and happiness into our world.”




"We adopted Pumpkin (Jake Oliver) from the Waterford branch and he has adjusted beautifully in his new home. He is very affectionate and enjoys being snuggled. Thank you! He is the sweetest cat and we love him so much!" 




“A strict feeding schedule and all grain-free foods and treats are working well. Spanky also got his first full bath with kitty shampoo. He LOVED being scrubbed clean! His hair is so shiny and soft. He is also walking much better and able to jump up on furniture again without help. We went into this knowing he was old...not sure how many years we will have him, but I do know he will live his golden years in comfort. Not sure who's luckier, Spanky or us!”


My Furry Valentine

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