Group Rescue Effort Gives Cranberry a Future

Cranberry’s mom was doing her best. She’d just given birth to Cranberry and two other kittens, and now their safety and survival were up to her.

But their home was covered in filth, and sick animals could be found in every direction. And whether anyone had even noticed her little growing family…who knows? The felines were living with more than 30 other cats, rabbits, dogs and chickens.

Mama kitty needed help if these little ones were going to make it. When Cranberry and his littermates were just two weeks old, that help arrived: Torrington’s animal control officer had come to investigate the house for animal neglect.

The case expanded to include assistance from other local and state agencies, who together with the ACO scooped up the pets and took them to safety. With a big group of unexpected furry (and feathered) visitors now at animal control—and needing medical care—the Connecticut Humane Society welcomed some of the critters.

Letting out a tiny-but-strong kitten mew, Cranberry sure did announce his arrival at CHS as he was placed on a baby scale and weighed on his first day at the Pet Wellness and Adoption Center. Mom and siblings waited their turn for examinations in their carrier. Meanwhile, a rabbit who had also been seized in the case and come to CHS had already settled in with some hay and fresh towels.

Cranberry stood shakily on the scale, attempting to walk and crawl in search of mom. At this age, all he knew was: find the fluffy fur (AKA mama), suckle, nap, and repeat. The all-black kitten didn’t know about the hard work and collaborative lifesaving effort that gave him a future. He didn’t know that at just two weeks old, dozens of kind people had already made an impact on his life. Cranberry just wanted to eat and sleep.

After visits with CHS veterinarians, he and his feline family headed to a CHS foster home for the next several weeks. When everyone was big and strong and healed, inside and out, they made their way to the adoption floor. It wasn’t long before Cranberry charmed a visiting family and found his new home.

These days, he goes by Charlie and has a new human sister, along with a kitty brother who was also adopted from CHS. The rest of the litter, his mom and the bunny have all gone on to find their own loving homes, as well—ones where they get to be the center of attention and won’t get lost in the crowd.

Group Rescue Effort Gives Cranberry a Future

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