Show Pets Like Dora They Still Matter

Dora enjoys a life filled with tiny sweaters, cozy places to nap, and endless adoration. At 13 years old, that’s the life this tiny Chihuahua deserves.

But just a few months ago, she didn’t know what the future held. Her previous family didn’t imagine she had much time left, and if she did, they weren’t able to give her the care she needed. That’s when Dora found herself at the Connecticut Humane Society. By society’s standards, she was past her prime, but she didn’t know that. Dora simply needed someone to believe in her.

A veterinary technician with a soft spot for Chihuahuas examined the super-duper senior and looked in the pup’s big eyes. One thing was clear: Dora wasn’t ready to give up on herself. If Dora was all in, then so was CHS.

She’d need a soft bed in the medical department; with a mouth full of rotting teeth, a heart murmur and bad knees, she was going to be spending a lot of time there. And the rest of the time, she’d need to be with her new human friends—being alone made her feel anxious and forgotten.

X-rays, a full dental work-up, blood work, medication and close monitoring were in order. CHS veterinarians drafted a plan to address her needs and show a future adopter how best to care for an older pet like her.

The medical care she desperately needed soon helped her feel better, and she found comfort in the affection (and bright pink sweaters) her people pals gave her at every turn. She even made a fur-friend. A little guy at CHS named Kobe (another pup with an affinity for dapper duds and Chihuahua in his genes) became her cuddle buddy…well, when they weren’t bickering like an old married couple!

After two months when it was time to find a new retirement home, this golden girl met someone who didn’t see her senior status, but instead saw her spunk, bright eyes and cuddle-bug nature. Dora melted in her new friend’s arms, and right then and there, they became family.

Dora still mattered. To CHS, and especially to her new family members, who said they felt lucky to make her a part of their family.

“We feel so blessed to have Dora in our home,” mom Susan says. “She truly is a wonderful little girl.”

Show Pets Like Dora They Still Matter

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