Amanda Wasn't Forgotten Thanks to You

From the looks of her, you might have guessed Amanda was a youngster. She was a good weight (maybe a little too good). She'd make friends with you in one second flat, and she had a pep in her step. But the hound/shepherd mix was actually a few months shy of 9 years old.

Pets who are advanced in age typically come with medical conditions, just like we all do as we get older. And next to irresistible faces and tiny yips of puppies, seniors don't always grab the attention of visitors looking for a new furry family member.

However, at the Connecticut Humane Society, none of that mattered when Amanda arrived. Because generous friends like you allow the medical department to be ready for anything and for pets to stay as long as they need. At CHS, senior pets like Amanda aren't forgotten. Amanda still mattered.

A rubbery-looking mass that was about the size of a small apple and hung from her elbow would need to be removed, and her ears were painful and messy. And she could slim down a bit. Luckily, Amanda proved to be a grateful patient in the medical department, wagging her tail and giving a silly grin to everyone helping her feel better. She even gobbled up the fruits and veggies that became her new "treats."

CHS veterinarians healed Amanda's uncomfortable ears and surgically removed the mass. Soon, she even weighed in at a healthier size. She was ready to go make a case for senior pets on the adoption floor.

Amanda made new friends in no time, and by that afternoon, those friends officially become her family members. The pup went home and has been nicknamed Mandy. Her loved ones had been looking to adopt an older dog, knowing the work and training that goes into a puppy and understanding the loyalty and wisdom older dogs develop.

“When we went in to meet her, her personality matched ours so well, we knew she was the one. She's been showering us with love and kisses ever since,” mom Justina says. “Gradually we are introducing her to her ‘furry cousins’ (my parents' dog and sisters' dogs), and she is fitting right in. We are so grateful for our Mandy and feel she is just what we needed to complete our home.”

Pets in need deserve hope for the future, whether they're 9 months old or 9 years old. Thank you for giving second chances to senior pets like Amanda.

Amanda Wasn't Forgotten Thanks to You

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