Georgia Gets the Life She'd Always Deserved

Arriving in a new place with unfamiliar smells and sounds can be scary for pets who’ve lost their homes. But for Georgia, it was a relief.

When the 2-year-old yellow lab mix walked through Connecticut Humane Society doors, it meant she’d have regular, nutritious meals, and she could trade that tight chain around her neck for a sparkly collar. And outside time meant play time, not hours alone in a backyard.

Georgia had issues with her skin – around her neck and under her collar in particular – and ears that needed immediate treatment. At CHS, not only would her physical ailments be treated, she’d learn to trust again, too. Georgia had a whole new life ahead of her because people like you have made it possible.

First, her new friends removed the chain from her neck and gently cleaned her skin. She felt free! Things were already so different for Georgia.

The veterinary team prescribed medication for her skin infections and fur loss, as well as for her ears. And “spa time” with special, soothing shampoos gave her body an extra boost in recovering.

Meanwhile, CHS’ behavior department showed Georgia simply how to be a dog. She learned about leashes and toys, choosing a stuffed turtle as her favorite, as well as games like fetch. She gradually learned she could depend on mealtime and didn’t need to gulp kibble like there was no tomorrow. Georgia even worked on “sit” and “focus.”

She felt safe, welcome and happy. But it wasn’t home. And Georgia needed one of her own, one that would love her and be patient as she figured out her place in a family. The right match wasn’t as easy to find as it might be for a kitten or pup who doesn’t come with a past.

Georgia’s adoption story finally began to unfold when a couple initially looking for a dog on the smaller side came to CHS. They quickly spotted Georgia and knew she was the one.

“She was a bit nervous, yet very calm and quiet, and she looked like she was almost actually smiling,” mom Karen says. “We were informed she did not have the best history. That made us even want her more. We wanted to show her the love and family we knew she deserved.”

Now Georgia has her own toy box and hides her ropes, bones, squeaky toys and stuffed animals for games of hide and seek. She’s got her own bed (though she sleeps on her parents’ bed every night), and loves walks and rides in the car.

“She has become an instant, huge part of our family. We love her unconditionally, and she loves us, too,” Karen added. “She is definitely the right dog for us. We have this unexplainable bond and love for her that is more than we could have ever imagined.”

While April is the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals month, the generous support of people like you makes it possible for CHS to heal pets’ wounds – inside and out – 365 days a year. Make a gift and be a part of the solution today so the next pet like Georgia coming through CHS doors has everything she needs to become whole again. Because one more hurt is too many.

Georgia Gets the Life She'd Always Deserved

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