2017 Legislative Activity

2017 Legislative Activity

Action Alert, May 2017

Contact State Senators now – Tell them to oppose SB130

The State of Connecticut wants to tax you for adopting, rescuing and saving the lives of homeless animals!

Urge your State Senator to oppose SB 130, which mandates that 5% of adoption fees be collected from all nonprofit rescues and animal adoption organizations when an animal is adopted. Click here today to tell your Senator it’s wrong to tax saving an animal’s life!

The State of Connecticut seeks to impose a tax that it’s calling a “surcharge” on every animal adoption. If you rescue a dog, cat, bird, horse, ferret, rabbit, guinea pig, hamster or other species from any rescue, animal control or organization that is saving animals’ lives, the State wants a cut.

The State wants to tax nonprofits and, in turn, you, the rescuer, for opening your heart and home to sick, abandoned and homeless animals. There should be no obstacles put in the way of someone who wants to adopt/rescue an animal.

SB 130 dictates that the surcharge levied on nonprofits and all adoptions go into the State’s Animal Abuse Cost Recovery account. This does not guarantee the money will be used to care for animals. Special funds have been raided in the past, and now the plan is to do it again to pay for 2017’s deficit.

This tax is dangerous: It’s a tax on nonprofits. It’s a tax on rescuing. What tax will come next?

Tell your Senator to oppose SB 130, The Surcharge (tax) on Adoptions.

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