Apollo Wins the Battle Against Mange

He was scabby. He was red. He was in pain. And he needed help. Now.

Apollo was just a puppy—only about 6 months old—but he’d already developed one of the most dreaded skin conditions in dogs. His mange had gone untreated for a long time, and it had spread to his back, his neck and even his face. His family had tried some homemade remedies, but could no longer care for him.

So here he was, waiting for the day someone could again give him a nice pet on the head without it hurting. It had been so long.

One look at him, and Connecticut Humane Society staff and volunteers in Westport knew they had to help. And they could—because your support had already provided for Apollo. It gave him soothing, medicated shampoo that was used immediately in his bath and for weeks and months after, as well as the medications that would fight infections in his skin and banish the mites that gave him mange in the first place. And it gave him the softest blankets to lay in and protect his fragile, raw skin, along with access to an expert medical team who knew just what to do for him. 

Only one week after Apollo’s medical treatment started, most of the scabs were gone, and that red skin was now a healthier, peachy color. He held his head a little higher, and his puppy personality started to emerge. He even had play dates with other doggie friends at CHS (since his type of mange was not contagious to other dogs or people) and began learning commands in between games of fetch.

For several weeks, this growing boy headed to a volunteer foster home to continue healing. All the love and care he received from his foster family and his CHS pals led to these new notes on his medical records three months later: “Coat great. Skin appears healthy, no redness or hair loss, no skin lesions.” And of course, these three long-awaited words: “Ok for adoption.”

Apollo had been handsome all along, but now he shined. Finally healthy and happy, the pup was ready for a new, loving family. He’s since found that and gone home. And he’s enjoying all the affectionate pats on the head he can get.

Apollo Wins the Battle Against Mange

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