Home, Where He Belongs

Alex the coonhound was 3 months old and had never had a home of his own. All his friends at the Connecticut Humane Society hoped that would change on Clear the Shelters day 2017. That morning, he found his new parents, got a new name (Dover), and went to his new home, where he promptly fell asleep. Now he looks back on his first year with his family in this Q & A.

What was life like in the adoption center?
I didn’t have anything that was just mine, like my own blankie or toys. We had to share everything. I thought this was where I would keep staying. It’s the only place I knew.

Did you make people friends?
Yeah, but they all seemed like giants! I was just a tiny puppy. But they were so nice and fed me and threw balls for me to chase and made sure I was healthy. I had some sort of operation which made me really tired, but then I was ready to play again! I liked having them around. But they left when it got dark every day. They also told me I had really big ears…

Would you hear them talk about Clear the Shelters day?
Kind of. That’s when I kept hearing that I needed something called “home.” I didn’t know how to get one, especially since I didn’t even know what it was!

What do you remember about the day you met your parents?
There were so many people there. I didn’t know what it all meant. But soon two kneeled down by me. That was nice because they weren’t so big anymore. I ran over and said hello and they talked to me. I got to sit in their laps! I liked them a lot.

Did you learn what home was that day?
Yeah! And cars! I thought the car was my new nap spot. I fell asleep on my new mom’s lap. I had so much excitement that day, I couldn’t keep my eyes open! Then we got to a new place where I had a little bed that was all mine! So I went to sleep there, too. I found out this was home. Where you belong. Where you have your own people who love you, cuddle you, play games and give treats anytime you want (almost!), and stay with you at night.

What’s it like having a home of your own?
The best! I have all these toys just for me! But when my cousins come over, they can play with them, too. When I’m scared or confused or want to be pet, I just go to mom and dad. We go for walks and rides in the car, and there’s always someone to take a nap on. (They keep saying I’m too big now to be a lap dog, but we all pretend I’m not.) I didn’t know all this could happen to a pup like me. I’m sure glad I found my parents because I love them so much. I hope every pet gets to find a home like this.

Home, Where He Belongs

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