This Mother-Daughter Duo Was Meant To Be

June 27, 2018. The day that changed everything for two kitties named Roxanne and Tempy.

Before that morning, Roxanne was a moody mama who’d just finished raising a litter of kittens, and Tempy was a nervous Nellie youngster.

Roxanne had arrived with a fellow mama cat and 10 kittens between the two of them. Their owner had gotten overwhelmed from caring for multiple cat families at home, and received help from a local animal control officer who offered to transport the dozen felines to the Connecticut Humane Society when she wasn’t able to.

Meanwhile, Tempy was fending for herself outside with her more outgoing sister at just a couple months old. Thankfully, they were found and brought to CHS.

Everything here was new and different to them, and while they were safe and cared for, they were slow to trust. And they each told you that—with some hisses and a bit (okay, a lot) of cattitude. 

Sometimes, even when there are plenty of people ready to comfort a pet, they need to find that comfort in another animal.

And so as Tempy’s friendlier sibling moved on and found a family, and Roxanne’s kids grew up and arrived on the adoption floor, CHS’ behavior team wondered if each cat was just what the other needed. Roxanne was opening up more, now that she’d gotten some “me time,” and she actually seemed to miss having other cats around.

Tempy started bunking in a free-roam room with Roxanne June 27, and, well, we will let the notes in their records speak for themselves: “They took to each other right away. Roxanne began trying to clean Tempy, and Tempy was trying to play. When it was feeding time, they both ate together and allowed pets while they were eating.”

Having a kitty companion helped each come out of her shell and gain confidence around people. As long as they were together, this impromptu mother-daughter duo felt secure and a little more trusting.

When a past CHS adopter arrived one day for a visit, she could see that these two would be friends for life. Now Roxanne and Tempy are home with her and their new family, settled in and happy as if they’ve been together from the start.

This Mother-Daughter Duo Was Meant To Be

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