These Lifelong Furry Friends Stayed Side by Side

If Buddy and Izzy were going to do anything, they were going to do it together. They made that clear.

They’d lost their home, their family, their healthy days. All they had left was each other. So even when these two caramel-colored senior pups were aching on the cement floor of an overcrowded shelter, they felt safer when they were side by side.

Still, a busy and jam-packed shelter was no place for older, extra-large dogs like Buddy and Izzy. The Connecticut Humane Society rescued them in the nick of time, bringing them to Newington and vowing to keep these two lifelong friends together, no matter what it would take. Your support would make it happen.

Buddy and Izzy had been loyal friends for over a decade, and we knew they’d give that life-changing friendship to a new family, too. They showed everyone right away that they couldn’t be apart.

When Izzy saw Buddy after an exam with CHS veterinarians, she covered his face and neck in slobbery kisses. They stayed close walking down the hallway together. Each would whine if the other went to a different room. From then on, they did everything as a pair, like their grooming and bathroom breaks, as well as medical exams.

And they were going to be spending a lot of time in the medical department—they needed months of care to heal aches and pains, bumps and cysts, and even a patch of melanoma. But at 11 and 12 years old, these sensitive souls also needed the sights, smells and comforts of a home.

So CHS found a foster family that would welcome them for as long as they needed. Foster dad Joe brought the two seniors to CHS for medical treatment over the next year-and-a-half, and created the retirement home of their dreams. He was even sure to keep their orthopedic beds right next to each other.

Along the way, Joe fell in love with Buddy and Izzy. And after some more medical care, all 3 of them were ready to make it official. “They’ve felt like family for a long time,” Joe said.

Buddy and Izzy were adopted into Joe’s home, a home they’d come to know and love. While they’d always found comfort in each other, now they found comfort in Joe, too. Your support made a future full of love possible and gave them a new friend for life.

These Lifelong Furry Friends Stayed Side by Side

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