Daisy Mae Needed a Superhero

Everyone scrambled to get ready after they got the call.

“We have an emergency case coming up to Newington. She just got here to Westport, and she needs surgery now. We’ll be there soon.” This was the message that morning from Bliss Kern, district manager for the Westport location of the Connecticut Humane Society.

The dog’s name was Daisy Mae, and she was rapidly going downhill. With the type of surgery she likely needed, she required the fully equipped, fully staffed medical suite located at CHS’ Newington headquarters.

The 5-year-old pit bull had initially been found tied to a fence at Bridgeport Animal Control, and it was obvious she needed medical treatment. The animal control officer knew the city’s limited budget couldn’t provide the care she needed. So she called CHS’ nearby Westport location with an urgent plea to take her in and save her life. Thanks to superheroes like you, CHS was able to say, “Yes, of course.”

And so that day, a team of people pitched in to make that possible. Emergency Animal Response Service (EARS) provided the pup’s transportation to Newington, so she could be monitored, remain connected to her IV fluids, and receive triage support if necessary.

When they arrived, CHS veterinarians were in scrubs, ready to go. The operating room had been prepped. A veterinary assistant was at the door to help carry Daisy Mae’s crate into the medical department. All this for a dog they’ve never met, but who they knew deserved all the support they could give her.

As they suspected, Daisy Mae was suffering from pyometra, a life-threatening infection of the reproductive organs that can be caused by not being spayed. In Daisy Mae’s case, the infection had been lingering so long, it had turned deadly. She found help just in time.

CHS veterinarians saved Daisy Mae’s life that day. She arrived lethargic, mopey, in pain, dehydrated, and refusing to eat. The day after surgery, she was bright and eating everything in her bowl. Over the next few days, she showed everyone she loves treats, knew “sit,” craved affection, and had a pretty singing voice.

She felt safe and taken care of, and she didn’t want it to end.

After she healed up, a new family who’d previously adopted a CHS pup vowed to make sure Daisy Mae always feels that way and gets lots of belly rubs along the way. Because superheroes like you came to her rescue, Daisy Mae has bright, happy days ahead in her new home.

Daisy Mae Needed a Superhero

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