Starsky and Hutch Find a Safe Haven

It’s pretty common to find boxes and other things waiting at Connecticut Humane Society doors in the morning. Deliveries, or donations of towels, or a dog crate someone doesn’t need anymore.

One hot, humid day this summer, there was something at the door again—this time, a carrier with two big cats crowded inside.

Everything about them was a mystery: where they came from and why, if they were sick, how old they were. But one thing was clear. They were best friends who needed each other, and they had nowhere else to turn. So, the CHS team named them Starsky and Hutch and took them in.

They were stressed and scared, and got set up in a room where they could have quiet time and come out of the carrier at their own pace. Hutch was the braver one, eventually coming out to headbutt a new human friend. Starsky was more cautious, but could be persuaded by food.

After some more downtime, a medical exam with CHS veterinarians showed they’d need some help. Both had flea dirt, messy ears, and tooth problems (missing or fractured chompers, lots of tartar, and some teeth that had to come out). Going without the dental care they needed could lead to life-threatening complications. Plus, it meant that it even hurt to eat sometimes.

But with 375 pets at CHS, the medical team’s surgical schedule was booked solid. Luckily, generous friends made it possible for Starsky and Hutch to get their dental care ASAP at a private veterinarian who partnered with CHS. And that meant they would have the chance to find a new home even sooner.

These best buds are doing well since their mouth makeovers, but still need a few more check-ups (getting treated for a touch of sneeze disease). Then, they’ll be ready to fall in love with a new family.

And they have this to report to all their friends: “Eating doesn’t hurt anymore, and apparently our breath smells fresh as a daisy (well, almost)! Our mouths feel so much better now, that we want to play and have been talking very loudly to the humans. We aren’t even your kitties, but you still cared. You don’t know how much that means to us!”

They have a lot of playing and purring to get back to, so they’ll be back with another update later on.

Starsky and Hutch Find a Safe Haven

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