Volunteer Spotlight, November 2018

Honoring Waterford volunteer Bethany Kanfer

It might be the cat ears she wears! Or it just might be that she gives them the patience and understanding they need. But either way, cats feel a connection with volunteer cat cuddler Bethany Kanfer.

Bethany has been volunteering for the Connecticut Humane Society in Waterford since earlier this year. She enjoys working most with the shy cats who need some extra love and attention, and feels that “being quiet and gentle” around them works best.

However, that was not the case for her recently adopted kitten Phaser (formally known as Pacman). He had been Mr. Personality since the day he arrived at CHS. Phaser loved having playdates with other cats at CHS during a bit of an extended stay (he needed a growth removed from his mouth and continued to be monitored by CHS veterinarians as he healed). He’d wrestle and sniff his friends, and so endeared himself to Bethany, that she decided to adopt him and welcome him into her pack.

Since it was a long road to adopting him, Bethany would come to CHS just to visit him until he was ready to go home. Once he finally got there, Phaser fit right in with Bethany’s other rescue cats, toads and ball python.

A teacher by profession, her patience and gentle nature has helped many cats feel safe and secure during their stay at CHS until they find their new homes.

Volunteer Spotlight, November 2018

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