She Just Needed a Little Patience

You know they’re your new parents when … they drive over an hour to adopt you!

And Baby, a 1-year-old Manchester terrier, had taken her own journey to get to this big moment.

A few months prior, she’d landed (fittingly) at Manchester Animal Control with her five pups in tow. The little ones were barely a month old, and they were just beginning to learn about the world. But they needed to do that in a warm, cozy home.

And so the little family came to the Connecticut Humane Society so they could be examined by staff veterinarians and then settle into a volunteer foster home for the next few weeks. But Baby couldn’t understand what was going on. What is this leash thing all about? Why do they take my babies sometimes? I just want to hide with my kids!

People soon learned the way to Baby’s heart: treats. And patience. Once she got to know her foster family, she proved to be quite the lap dog. She discovered she loved rides in the car, and, as practically still a puppy herself, she showed her playful side. 

In the meantime, Baby got more used to her veterinary check-ups with her pups during visits to CHS. And good thing—she needed treatment for tapeworms, an upset stomach, and an upper respiratory infection. Same for the puppies. Thankfully, everything they needed was right here at CHS, because of a grant for pets from Manchester Animal Control from the H. Louise Ruddell Fund at the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving and generous friends like you.

When the kids were grown and onto homes of their own, Baby was an empty-nester ready for some me-time. She had a couple quirks— acting stand-offish to new people, wanting attention mostly on her terms—and would need family members who’d let her blossom. And then let her be a lap dog for hours on end once she was ready!

Soon, that’s exactly who Baby found. A couple who previously had Manchester terriers and were looking to bring a new one into the family saw her picture online. They jumped right in to the car to come meet her and weren’t the least bit fazed by her sass, especially once she warmed up for treats. Baby went home with her new parents that day. Turns out both of their long journeys were completely worth it.

She Just Needed a Little Patience

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