Pain-Free Days are on the Horizon

Olive Oil is only 2 years old, but she feels like an achy senior kitty. That’s because her hip is out of place.

Pretty soon though, she’ll be walking around with ease and no pain—because generous friends like you opened your hearts to her on Giving Tuesday and are making it possible for her to have the medical procedure she desperately needs.

This pretty kitty is ready for surgery. An off-site specialist who has been working with Connecticut Humane Society veterinarians will operate on her leg this week to fix her hip.

While Olive Oil can currently get around, walking is hard. And because she moves in her own special way, it’s affecting her other leg, too.

It’s hard to think about what she faced when she was previously living outside and fending for herself. She made her way to CHS after some neighbors began feeding her and reached out for help. She was underweight, covered in fleas and scabs, and missing most of her fur. The staff medical team has helped her safely put on a couple pounds, and rid her of those nasty fleas. Her beautiful fur coat has come back. Plus, she’s gotten to know what it’s like to be warm, safe and loved.

Now she just needs a healed hip, and after that, a home. You’re making her wish come true.

Pain-Free Days are on the Horizon

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