Meet CHS' Newest Tri-Paw

No one would have been surprised if Simone was frustrated. Or acting out. Or scared.

She’d been walking around for a while now on a fractured leg that never healed, and she’d been passed around to multiple homes.

But this 8-month-old border collie was downright sweet. She still wanted to trust and believe in people. When she had nowhere else to go and arrived at the Connecticut Humane Society, everyone fell in love. And right away, they wanted to help her forget the past.

While she had gotten medical treatment for her injured leg previously, someone had removed her cast early. The pup’s leg never healed the way it needed to, and since then, it dragged on the ground. It was sore and raw and had been injured for so long that a repair wouldn’t work. Her leg needed to be amputated.

CHS veterinarians—skilled in amputations and so many other complicated surgeries you’d never even think off—performed the operation as Simone began a new life as a tri-paw.

A few days later when she was walking again, she finally felt free. Her old burden had been lifted. And it’s something that wouldn’t have happened without generous supporters who believe in local pets like Simone.

Today, you almost wouldn’t notice Simone only has three legs. She gets around like any other pup and is happy with her new dad by her side. Her days of pain, confusion and constant change are over. Thanks to you, Simone finally has a future that is certain.

Meet CHS' Newest Tri-Paw

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