Volunteer Spotlight, January 2019

Honoring Westport volunteers Mary and Melissa Tomey-Streeto

Atlas, Cheyenne and Aurora went from being pups who were terrified of, well, everything, to finding amazing lives in their new homes. And they have volunteers like Mary and Melissa Tomey-Streeto to thank for that.

Mary and Melissa joined the Connecticut Humane Society’s volunteer team in Westport in November of 2017 when they moved to Fairfield from Boston. Because of their love for dogs and their experience with their own 5-year-old rescue pup, Nesse, they were a perfect fit for the dog walking program.

Mary and Melissa take pleasure in helping the “quirky” dogs become the pooches they were meant to be. Mary will always remember Atlas, Cheyenne and Aurora. They were a special litter of under-socialized Australian Shepherd/husky mixes who came from a nearby backyard breeder. During their time at CHS, the teenaged puppies blossomed from being fearfully scrunched against the back of their cages, to finding just the right adoptive homes.

For Melissa, some other pups left paw prints on her heart. She fondly recalls brothers Bo and Luke, particularly the shy, but people-oriented Luke, with his beautiful blue eyes and sweet disposition. She loved to spend quality time just snuggling with him and was always ready for more.

Mary works in the field of environmental health and safety at Boehringer Ingelheim, and Melissa works in human resources at Prudential. When not working, they enjoy spending time with Nesse, who keeps them busy with long walks and swimming at the beach. Mary is an avid Red Sox fan and fixer of things around the house, and Melissa enjoys doing anything creative like painting, writing, photography or cooking.

They recently started Crossfit and jokingly told us that they look forward to the day they can confront that tough workout without pain. As you can tell, these two are real go-getters. Their enthusiasm is obvious when witnessing their work with the pups, their willingness to help out with any and all chores that keep CHS running, and in their enthusiasm to volunteer on special service days, such as last fall’s intense yard clean-up. That’s when they cheerfully heaved branches into the dumpster and laid mulch in the dog pens with the rest of the great volunteer crew!

Who needs Crossfit with tasks like those? The people and pets of Westport tip their hats to this outstanding pair of volunteers, and hope they stay with CHS for many years to come. 

Volunteer Spotlight, January 2019

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